Thursday, June 28, 2018

A sad story of a professional teacher turned street scavenger

Alfredo Manuel, teacher in profession now a scavenger in the streets of Manila. Image credit to

Heartbreaking as it may be to see Tatay Alfredo Manuel scavenging the streets to survive, his story shows us the dark reality of life that despite being a professional, one’s future is never secured.

He may be in rags now but he used to be one of the hardworking students who strived to become a professional as soon as possible, a teacher to be exact.

The problem with life here is that, even if students find studying and graduating the hardest part of life, well it isn’t, the hardest part of life is landing a job.

Alfredo Manuel, teacher in profession now a scavenger in the streets of Manila. Image credit to

This was in the case of Tatay Alfredo, after being rejected by multiple schools despite being a licensed teacher. Unfortunately life wasn’t fair to him at all, he has to sell newspaper and scavenge recyclable materials in order to sustain his incredibly simple living.

It’s continually sad to see that this ordinarily-looking beggar possesses a well of knowledge in the Sciences and was able to speak fluent English.

But he was rejected repeatedly by schools he tried applying to teach for. Soon enough he found out that he possesses curse, a criminal record on alleged robbery back when he was a janitor which was causing all these shuns from educational institutions.

Although despite this alleged case, Tatay Alfredo believes that he is an honest man. He lost hope looking for a stable job but he never lost hope in continually living positively.

Tatay Alfredo, your hopes and dream’s demise may be a saddening one but believe me, the goodness of your heart and your jolly perspective on life lives on as an inspiration for all of us.

May you find the stability that you well-deserve, don’t give up Tatay Alfredo!

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