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Better a Sinner than a Hypocrite: Francis Abraham to Duterte, Tagle and Soc "who do you think God is using for his purpose?"

Francis Abraham in photo. Image credit grabbed from Facebook

Ateneo Alumnus Francis Abraham is at it again, turning the tables on what at first sight seems to be evil, is actually good. Despite having his God insulted by the very man that he supports, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, he states that he is the lesser evil with comparison to the charlatans of the Church.

The atmosphere revolving around politics and religion is quite heated after Duterte remarked that the Creator is basically stupid for inviting problems at the doorstep of his perfect world, referencing the book of Genesis. But With that being said, the bible itself states that sinners are used by God to create a better world, to create change and hypocrites, who claim to be holier than these impure people, were never trusted, forgiven nor adored by the Lord.

Refer to Francis Abraham’s full Facebook post below in order to see the point of his turn around:


Among the three leaders mentioned above, who do you think God is using for his purpose?

Here are some of the great leaders that God has used:
Lets look at the history.

MOSES was a murderer and had a terrible temper.

ABRAHAM, let a man sleep with his wife Sarah. Sarah on the other hand let Abraham sleep with the maid.

NOAH, was a drunkard who slept in the nude.

DAVID, a “peeping Tom”, slept with his General’s wife Bathsheba, then later sent the General to the frontlines to die. David was later on considered a man after Gods own heart by God himself.

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR, a ruthless man and an Idolater, yet God referred to him as “my servant”.

PAUL, a former Pharisee who was the son of a Pharisee, persecuted and murdered Christians. God would later blind him, make him repent, and use him and would become one of the greatest Christian heroes.

That is quite a list and there are more.

Here is something to think about. Do you see Duterte in those people that God used? Now do you see Bishop Soc and Tagle in those characters?

Most often, He uses sinners or losers whom he humbles, never holier than thou hypocrites.

And for the purpose of reference, here’s the complete transcription of the president’s controversial speech: (credits to Dr. Ethel Pineda)

Yang Adam and Eve na yan? Tingnan mo kung pagka hindi. Kung yan ang diyos ng katoliko, torpe yan. Maghanap ka ng diyos na tama. Hindi yang…Tingnan mo ha. Sa cathechism. “And God created the world.” It was a paradise. And because there was nothing, God created nature, the birds, and God found it to be beautiful. Sundan mo lang ang logic na yun. Tapos sabi ng God, God made man, si Adam. Tapos sabi ng diyos daw, kawawa naman si Adam walang partner so kinuha yung sa ribs, ginawang babae. Doon na nagka-problema. Eh kung lalake lang tayo sana eh di dumog tayong lahat. Pero binigyan ng babae, sabi walang malisya, so Eve. Nandyan na. Ok na sana.

Ngayon ano naisipan ng god ng katoliko? Tinawag ang ahas. Pssst. Come here. Yung ahas pumunta. Sabi niya, “O Eto, apple made in China”… Sabi niya “…punta ka kay Eve, ipakain mo yan. You tempt her to eat the forbidden apple.” Imbento ng ginoo yan. Yan man ang nasa bible. Di itong si Eve kinain niya. Nung kinain niya, ti-nempt niya si Adam, na kumain rin. *

Then malice came. Malice, so lahat tayo nagkasala. We are born, ..bakit itong putang inang tong.. we are born all sinners. Kaya pag magbinyag tayo, para mawala all sin natin. Ano pakilam natin kay Adam and Eve, sila lang naman ang nagtsuk-tsak doon, wala man tayong sinali(?) Anong klaseng diyos yan. Perfect nga, tapos sirain mo. Sa totoo lang ito ha, altar of secrets, sex politics and money in the Philippine Catholic Church Aris C. Rufo…..

…If god wants me to be president, I will be president. So yung…The God that I believe in … yung god *** na yan kaputahan na istorya yan ng katoliko, kalokohan. May bago tayong relihiyon. Paglabas natin Iglesia ni Rodrigo tayo lahat.

Walang limit, may obligasyon sa sarili, make yourself happy….You only live once, pag namatay ka, kayo dito, i-ship ka pa ng crate…ilibing ka…nobody would remember you…So, bago isipin ang mga pari na yan, isipin mo, isang beses ka lang dumaan ditto. Only once. Wag ka lang mag-agaw ng asawa may masasaktan.. pursue your dreams, kasi pagkatapos niyan wala na.

I may have said something irrelevant, impertinent..religion and all, but let me assure you , ang aking trabaho…again together with the soldiers and everybody especially the military and the police. Ours, we go home, ang trabaho naming doon is to protect the people and to serve. Hindi tayo magwatak-watak.”

What can you say about this?

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook/Francis Abraham

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