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Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s viral mistake: "I mentioned Zechariah 22 instead of Ezekiel 22.."

Jesus Movement Brother Eddie Villanueva. Image credit to Google photos

The ongoing war between the Catholic Church and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte continues but in a turn of events, the Church that was on full offense made a wrong move and is now on the defense. With a couple of wrongly stated Bible verses that Philippines for Jesus Movement Brother Eddie Villanueva stated in an interview with Karen Davila, it wasn’t Duterte who went on full offense but the devotees of the Church did.

Offensive, irresponsible and a sign of lack thereof integrity in understanding the Bible. This is what we can say about Villanueva’s mistake. He basically brought defeat to his doorstep as a large number of offended Filipinos came bashing in.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Image credit to Google photos

He may have stated that Duterte has committed “slander” against God and the country may suffer because of it but, in due to his mistake, it seems like he is the one who’s being smited by the Heavens.

By mentioning the 22nd chapter of the Book of “Zechariah” which does not exist since the Book only lasts till the 14th chapter, netizens all around social media rallied their disappointment against Villanueva.

They were upset and disappointed since Villanueva was basically using the Bible to justify his hate for Duterte with no regard even if he was twisting the word of the Lord.

Villanueva defended himself through a Facebook post, stating that despite declaring that the verse was from Zachariah, it was a mistake and it should’ve been from the 22nd chapter of the Book of Ezekiel.

Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook of Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva

Yet the public doesn’t believe him, Netizen Merck Miranda commented that the pastor should focus on the one realm he started with and never should’ve dived into the world of politics.

“We cannot serve two master at the same time brother.,wag kana pumasok sa politica, God called you to preach and win soul, not to do political matters,sa kanila yan. Pray for this country instead and Trust the Lord your God that he is in control of everything that is happening to the country,. first of all before the election happened, we all ask God to give us a president that would fix this country. well, he gave us digong.. this is all the will of God for this country to be shaken before it will be fix,” Miranda commented.

Meanwhile netizen Mario Ighot was more considerate, stating that Villanueva’s mistake was a sign that he’s human. But he should stay positive, this apparently is what his faith dictates. “Bless do not curse” as Ighot stated.

“That shows that you’re human….leave those things to God…just bless our President…God chooses people with weaknesses and flaws…including you and me…pls don’t be judgemental be pharisaical…Bless and do not curse….you’re a priest …Duterte is a king….for a reason …for a season…” Ighot commented.

Despite these positive comments, the netizens still feel hate for Villanueva since he abused the public through clear manipulation of their faith. Only time would tell if the pastor would be forgiven, for he is only human and maybe his criticisms against Duterte were wrong all along.

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