Thursday, June 28, 2018

Netizen rants on PAL q u a l i t y service justified through delayed delivery of damaged luggage

Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook Chriz Alcaide
Netizen Chriz Alcaide relayed her disappointment after receiving the assured “quality” service of Philippines Airlines (PAL). Through this “quality” service she received her luggage hours later in the best damaged condition possible.

Alcaide, through her Facebook post, expressed her sentiments as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that went through an unbearable almost 11 hour flight to Manila from Jeddah. She had no problem dealing with her delayed flight for the weather was unsafe and unfit to fly through but the moment she lost it was soon to come.

When she arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, PAL announced that there would be delays. Fearing the worst, Alcaide received word that her luggage got left behind in Jeddah. The OFW dealt with the situation calmly though, she had it reported to PAL and in return, the airline assured her that her luggage will be delivered back to her.

After four days of delaying her trip bound to Mindanao, the OFW who stayed in a hotel from her own pocket money, had finally received her luggage. But she lost it soon after seeing that her own luggage bag was destroyed and had a number of items missing.

Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook Chriz Alcaide

Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook Chriz AlcaideAdd caption

Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook Chriz Alcaide

She rained PAL with furiously after irresponsibly handling her luggage and the unprecedented number of passengers that they had booked for her flight from Jeddah which caused extreme discomfort.

Netizens, friends and family didn’t take it well either, experiencing the same “quality” service that PAL has been providing, one commented,

”Chriz esh shada! Hindi pwedeng ganyan. Responsibility nilang alagaan ang mga baggages nyo. Sayang! Bago pa yan maleta mo din. Dapat talaga palitan din nila yan, beh.”

While another asked if if her belongings were complete, in which Alcaide replied,

”Kulang na aqoh sa timbang bhe… akala qoh walang nawala meron pala…”

With a huge number of people complaining about their service, maybe it’s about time that the administration of PAL look into the issue themselves. If not, then step down and have another airline hold the title as the flagship airline of the Philippines for you are nothing more than a shame to the nation.

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