Saturday, June 30, 2018

Netizens catch Bro. Villanueva’s fabricated Bible verses red-handed

Brother Eddie Villanueva and Karen Davila. Image credit to Duterte News

In an interview with Karen Davila, Philippines for Jesus Movement Brother Eddie Villanueva commits one of the biggest mistakes that would make you lose faith in him, he fabricated a Bible verse.

Villanueva has been labelling President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as an antichrist after he called God stupid. He demands that Duterte withdraw his statements and apologize publicly. He then quoted a verse of the bible from the Book of “Zechariah 22”.

But sadly for him, the netizens of Facebook aren’t a mass of people that you can persuade to believing everything that one has to say. The Facebook page Netijourn fact-checked the Bible verse “Zechariah 22” and found out that the Book of Zachariah ended at Chapter 14.

Netijourn’s post goes as,

“ZECHARIAH 22? Saang Bibliya yun? Brother Eddie Villanueva will you also apologize to GOD for messing up his words in the verses and chapters you mentioned but don’t exist in the Bible?”

With video evidence that catches Villanueva in the act of fabricating the word of God, the revelation went viral and Brother Eddie Villanueva will be indeed pushed to the edge.

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook

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