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Priest’s unconventional way of dealing with the recent murders of his fellow holy men: "Pagkakataon ito para tignan ang sarili namin and to better ourselves"

President Rodrigo Duterte and Fr. Jerome Secillano. Image credit to Google photos

It is known that ever since President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was running for office that he has been lambasting the Catholic Church ever since. He even went as far as distributing the book entitled “Altar of Secrets” that revealed the darkest secrets of priests here in the Philippines.

But when a priests was eventually assassinated and Duterte blurted out that the motive behind it was revenge due the priest’s affair with married women. The President faced criticism and even blaming on the recent assassinations.

Duterte on the other hand, denies all accusations.

This controversy of Duterte vs. Catholic Church lead a lot of members of the clergy to sing in unison, criticisms against the President, baseless allegations and passive-aggressive statements that would drive any one nuts. But unlike any other, Member of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Father Jerome Secillano stood up and pointed something out.

“”Isipin mo, halimbawa, may patutsada ang Pangulo tapos sasagot naman kami sa Simbahan, hindi matatapos ‘yan. Kaya kinakailangan dito prudence,” Secillano said.

Secillano believes that the criticisms of Duterte can be used for the betterment of the Church. In fact they are lucky to have the President criticize for the chief legislative official is pointing out what they should address and fix first.

“Every tirade against us is an opportunity for us to look into ourselves. Binabanatan kami, tingnan din namin ang sarili namin, hindi ‘yung nade-defend kaagad kami, di ba?” he added.

“Malaking pagkakataon ‘yan. Ano ba talaga’ng kulang sa amin?” Secillano said.

Secillano sees it as a matter of utmost importance, for if the highest ranking official starts criticzing you, that’s the sign that something is truly wrong.

“We priests need to better ourselves. This is what I discovered about myself, and perhaps I can do better things than this. I can be better than this,” he continued.

The Priest was positive that things can work for the best, he stated that,

“Let’s work together for the common good, we have the same goal to make every Filipino better, have a better life, maybe we have differences in our strategies, but perhaps maganda dito ay gawin nalang natin kung anong makakabuti.”

In the meantime, any means of self-protection like bulletproof vests and helmets are items that the church can’t provide. While firearms are too unappropriate. As best as it goes, the Church should just rely on national security, the military and the Philippine National Police for protection and defense.

But it is nice to see the optimism flooding the mind of Secillano, this is what the Catholic Church needs. No one is an enemy of the Church anymore, this is crticism is all for the betterment of the their clergy. If they truly wanna help, then maybe they should get out of their high horse and start accepting, since that is the first step to change.

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