Monday, July 9, 2018

A heart-breaking viral video of a 69-year-old PWD senior citizen, drives social media teary-eyed

 69-year old Lolo JR Velasquez on the viral video uploaded by a netizen in social media. Image screenshot grabbed from Facebook/Yang Yang
It was a viral post by Yang Yang that made people realize that in order to a hard working and contributing citizen of the country, one has no reason not to.

This is because 69-year old Lolo JR Velasquez, never stopped working despite being blind and obviously aged. He dehusks coconuts in order to isolate the core where all flesh and juice is found. And occasionally keeps the husk to serve as a cleaning tool.

Image credit to Facebook./Yang Yang
Image credit to Facebook./Yang Yang

According to Yang yang, lolo JR was blind yet have no fear because this senior citizen was blessed by God to do great things. One’s disability doesn’t hinder one useless, case and point, the video of lolo JR dehusking coconuts with his bare hands and will power.

Now reflect back at your life, what have you been doing? Surfing the net all day and readings posts like this? Stand up and work hard, you’re blessed and believe me you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. No matter the odds.

You can refer to Yang Yang’s full Facebook post below:
Second day nako na nga time nga nakit an nako si Lolo namunot.Not knowing nga buta di sya dira pko kabantay pag adto doul nako sa iyaha kay mangayo ug bunot.
Buta siya duha ka mata since birth. Nag video ko dili kay para makakuha ug attention kun dili ma realize nato how God can do amazing things ❤️ Buta si lolo ug siya ra isa sa ilang balay siya ra ang mag hugas lung ag ug mu adto kung asa siya mo trabaho. Grabeeee ka amazing si Lord ❤️
Name:Jr Velasquez
Age: 69 years old

You may watch video here:

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook/ Yang Yang

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