Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Taxi, a Rose and a Smile, What Else You Can Ask For?

Photo credits to Facebook/Criss Subang

With the rise of Grab the era of taxis is being threatened. Sadly older taxi units will never be accepted by Grab so once must strive with the good ole fashioned way of driving passengers, by showering the back seat with petals and handing a rose to every passenger that hops in.

Criss Subang, a netizen that probably received “kilig” from the rose that her taxi driver Greg Laude gave him posted recently on Facebook. She shared a story of this unique river who buys 30-50 roses a day in order to give it to customers that might help him raise to morale of his fellow taxi drivers.

Photo credits to Facebook/Criss Subang
The netizen revealed her full experience on her post, she basically ignored the Grab and took a cab, opened the door and was surprised by the rose petals all over the back seat. To her surprise, Laude handed her a rose and she smiled in a way she never did before, being attacked with such a sweet gesture in the most unexpected way.

If you’re worried that the roses may cost a lot, don’t fret, to Laude you can’t put a price on one’s happiness and unexpected smile.

Photo credits to Facebook/Criss Subang
You can refer to Criss Subang’s full Facebook post below:
I was in the middle of booking grab when I noticed that there were only 5 or 6 people in the cab lane; yet noone took the taxi in line. I asked one of them if they were waiting for someone ahead of them in queue but they all said no. Apparently they were all waiting for their grabcars to arrive. I then decided to skip grab, avoid the waiting time and take the conventional way - I immediately went in the taxi. I saw a lot of rose petals scattered on the floor and as I was about to ask Sir Driver, he quietly handed me a rose. I didn't get to ask anymore. I smiled and said thank you.

Sir Greg Laude does this every single day. Why? He said he wants to improve the morale of the taxi drivers who couldn't afford being a member of grab (old units ain't allowed to & he currently is renting one). "I want people to know that riding taxi is still safe. More so, I want to share happiness." He buys about 30-50 roses a day and gives it to all of his passengers. He said, "The money I spent buying those roses does not compare to the joy I give and receive. Seeing people happy is important. It makes me happy too."

Photo credits to Facebook/Criss Subang

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