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Ang Pagtambay ay Nag-sisilbing "Social Support System" ng mga Pilipino- Senator Ejercito

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Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito relayed his perspective on bystading or “pagtatambay” through a presscon recently. His rather unique and radical perspective on bystanding puts the act in a good light, where he defends it as a psychological tool to keep depression in check as it serves a “support system”.

 “One of the reasons na kahit na mahirap tayong bansa ay hindi tayo tulad sa iba na nagkakaroon ng breakdown, depression kasi malakas ang support system natin. Aside from the family, ung pong community’t barkada,” Sen. JV stated.

He defends the arrests of tambays against critics that state that the Philippine National Police (PNP) have been ruthlessly arresting anyone who seems to bystand, regardless of the legalities.

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“Kung as mayor, kung wala namang ginagawang masama, at peaceful ay kumbaga hinahayaan namin,” the Senator continued.

He points out that the authorities aren’t unaware of the legalities and that the knowledge and experience with criminals that the local police posses on certain bystanders, is one of the reasons on why they know if a bystander has ill-intent.

“Pero alam mo naman kasi eh, malalaman naman ng barangay yan at ng pulis  or other authorities kung may hindi kanais-nais na gawin. So malalan mo kaagad,” he added.

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The arrest of bystanders isn’t all the more illegal too since the local government have laws against it.

“Ang sa akin, there are local ordinances,” Sen. JV expressed.

At the end of the day, if we respect the law then we won’t be arrested. But the problem here is that people are unaware of local ordinances that vary from place to place or unaware that there are local laws in general that ammend the national or regional laws within its locality.

Tambay na lumabag sa mga city ordinances, hinuli sa Pasay City. Photo credits to Radyo La Verdad

The solution here is education and understanding, there are reasons behind why the laws exist and there is a reason on why these bystanders are arrested. In one case, it may reduce criminal cases since most thieves, serial rapists or people who commit hold ups are bystand a lot.

With the arrest of bystanders, then this may significantly reduce the number of such crimes. All we need to do is be open-minded to this change. Bystanding in public places is not wrong, communal gatherings around streets and road sides aren’t either but we must look at the bigger picture, what is the ultimate goal of these tambay-arrests?

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