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Blogger Nino Barzaga turns-the-tables on Bro. Villanueva: Advises the pastor to teach his PDAF-tied child morals

Photo from left to right: Nino Barzaga, Brother Eddie Villanueva and Senator Joel Villanueva. Image credit to

The sentiments on religion of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is indeed not a positive one. If we can recall back before the 2016 elections, when he was still a Presidential candidate, the Church urged the citizens not to vote for the President and this started a war between the two.

But with Brother Eddie Villanueva who is notorious for opposing the President and unfaithfully using religion to go against the government, supporters of the Duterte step in and slams the self-righteous pastor down through facts that were clouded by his manipulation of the public through religion, even going as far as mis-quoting non-existent Bible verses.

In a Facebook video of Nino Ruelo Barzaga, rebukes the sentiments of Villanueva against Duterte and states that how can we should take someone like this pastor who’s own son, Joel Villanueva is a part of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) “pork barrel scam”.

Shouldn’t Villanueva teach his own flesh and blood morals before he goes sermoning the President?

Other than that, Barzaga found the 10 million follower threat that Villanueva came up with as a bluff since he wasn’t even able to come up with more than 3 million votes in both times that he ran for Presidency.

The blogger then proceeded to acknowledge the neutrality of other religions on government issues. But it was disgusting how the Catholic Church had an automated say on every move that the President does.

Despite not being a loyal church go-er, Barzaga is still faithful to the Lord. Despite having the mouth of a sailor, the same mouth still thanks the God every night for giving him another day to live.

If only the drive that the Church has to go against Duterte was redirected to their internal matters like their sexually harassing and abusing priests then supporters like him would have no say on the Church.

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