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British DDS Supporter expresses dismay in Church caught meddling in politics

Church caught meddling in politics. Image credit to Pinoy Thinking
This should not be, which is why there is a separation of State and Church in the first place, it should be the oppressive Spanish colonization era once again.
Malcolm Conlan expresses concern after he saw a priest using the Church in his anti-Federalism speech. Image and caption credit to
For Filipino-at-heart British Malcolm Conlan, the Church should be focused on praying, helping, and promote unity and peace instead of busying themselves with politics.

His statement was in response to a picture sent by an anonymous netizen which showed a priest during mass with a slide show presentation behind him that says, “of 50M voters, 34M did not vote for him. We can then say that 34M do not want federalism.”

Conlan wondered how the priest could have came up with such conclusion about the 34 million voters which he claims did not vote for Duterte.

It even made the British expat question if the Church now resorts to mindreading its citizens.

The very act done by the priest during mass, which assumes that there are devotees present, seemed like a political campaign to turn the people against the President.

Conlan’s full post reads:

Sorry dear friends, I’m not sure if this is a real account of what’s happening right now in the Philippines? Maybe it’s photo shopped? But just in case it is real, can someone explain to me why the Catholic Church in the Philippines is apparently meddling in politics?

I always thought that the role of Christians biblically was to pray for the leaders of the country, help the poor, pray for the sick, promote unity and peace?

Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems to be a campaign against the democratically elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and his political will????

Also, how on earth is the church able to say if the apparent 34 million people who apparently did not vote for President Duterte want federalism or not? Unless they can mindread?

(Credit to the Manila Bulletin for your photos I was sent by a netizen).

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook/Malcolm Conlan

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