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DICT revealed stakeholders prefer ‘highest committed level of service’ in selecting 3rd telco

DICT confident third telco will be chosen based on committed level of service. Image credit to
The ‘highest committed level of service’ is going to required by the third Telecommunications Company and will not be cheap, 40 billion pesos per year to be exact.

This is what the stakeholders’ want, as revealed by a recent sudden survey by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

The acting Secretary of the DICT, Eliseo Rio Jr., took not that majority of the 15 telecommunication companies took for the highest committed level of service on the Survey, and only two Telcos were in for auction.

Stakeholders, preferring anonymity, stated that this highest bid formula of an auction would guarantee that the bidder would be the rich enough to follow through.

Meanwhile a representative of Now Telecom sees the possibility of an auction to be financially burdening.

Rio is apparently aware that a forced auction is out of the picture, stating that,

                “If we force the auction, siguro wala pang dalawa will join ... I can’t give you their names but they don’t have foreign partners ...”

With that being said, sometime next week the Oversight Committee of this would receive the results of the public consultations.

 “Then this will be subjected to another public hearing. But this time it will ... be formal. It has the same weight when you are testifying in court and everything now will again improve the terms of reference until it becomes final. It would come out roughly 30 days after the first publication,” Rio stated.

“The 15 days after the first publication will be the series of public hearings. ‘Pag natapos na ‘yung public hearing then effective na ito. That will start the bidding process. The contenders now can buy the bidding documents and within two months they can come up with their bids. That is the time they will form their consortium with their foreign partners, investors,” he continued.
The DICT is targeting to finish the final draft terms by August.

Terms, first being a draft joint memorandum circular by the Oversight Committee, composed of the National Security Adviser, Department of Finance, National Telecommunications Commission, and DICT, states that the selection of the new telco player would be picked from the participant’s highest five-year bidder.

And second, the circular which is separate from the draft terms the DICT released on June 26. These terms follow the highest committed level of service formula.

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