Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Former CJ Panganiban agrees with Bro. Villanueva: "Duterte unallowed to say God is stupid.."

Former CJ Panganiban on left photo and Eddie Villanueva on right photo. Images credit to Google photos

It is provided for in the Philippine Constitution.

This is the sentiment of Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, who is also the sole Filipino appointed by the late Pope and Saint John Paul II to the Pontifial Council for the Laity back in 1996 to 2002, concurring with that of Jesus Is Lord Founder Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

In these two critics’ viewpoint, Duterte’s statement “your God is stupid”, violates the Constitution as it slights the belief of the predominantly Catholic Philippines.

Duterte had said such remark as a comment on the Catholic belief of Creation and Original Sin.

Panganiban asserted that the Philippine Constitution itself regards the country as theist (or one that has a religion and believes in a Supreme Being), thus, making Duterte’s remark an offensive insult.

“To begin with, our Constitution’s Preamble heralds that our nation is theist, not atheist or agnostic: ‘We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God…’,” said Panganiban.

Furthermore, Panganiban ascertains that statesmen cannot condemn other religious beliefs nor can they impose theirs upon the people.

“State officials cannot condemn a religious belief for alleged heresy, falsity or stupidity. Neither can they impose their own religious tenets nor attack, ridicule or belittle those of others,” Panganiban said.

In the wake of this controversy, Panganiban advises to the Church and the people to take heed of the “hands off” policy that separates the Church from the State.

Instead, the Church’s role is “to intervene only in matters relating to faith and morals” and leave the political issues behind.

“Let us avoid the divisive ‘kill, kill, kill’ of poor addicts and loiterers while we ‘chase, chase, chase’ the rich drug lords, and end the ‘curse, curse, curse’ of God, Allah and Yahweh,” said Panganiban.

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