Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Netizen shares good news, reposts images of the Chiong sisters being alive and well in Canada?

Compilation of Chiong sisters and Thelma Chiong. Image credit to Facebook/Anna Sabalbarino
The case of the Chiong sisters recently resurfaced after movies depicting the experiences of the sisters were about to hit the big screen.

Netizen Anna Sabalbarino blatantly admitted that she is hooked on such an intriguing case of modern Philippine history that she started digging about it.

She posted the results of her research in which it seems that the Chiong sisters were actually alive and are currently living in Canada. This contradicts the conclusion of both the movie and reports that they actually died and the bodies were nowhere to be found.

Although Sabalbarino made a disclaimer, stating that the photos weren’t hers nor was she claiming that what she’s spreading is real. She just gathered what she had and posted it on her own newsfeed, this is for all those who will unthoughtfully state that this is fake news.

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook/Anna Sabalbarino

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