Saturday, July 14, 2018

Netizen’s Curious Cat question brings the tiger out of Kitty Duterte

Presidential daughter Veronica "Kitty" Duterte. Image credit to Twitter
Apparently the fiery Duterte blood runs in the entire family, no matter who or how old you are. This was seen in Veronica “Kitty” Duterte’s reply on Twitter after a netizen accused her of family of burning through tax payer’s hard earned money.

The thing here is that these kinds of people forget that politicians also have other jobs and businesses, this was a mistake that the netizen made, brazen and all under the cloak of obscurity of the site Curious Cat.

The anonymous netizen’s question went as,

                “Wag nyo ubusin yung tax naming palagi kayung nag travel gamit sa pera naming ^_^”

Kitty Duterte’s fierce blood gave the netizen a snappy reply of,
                “wag nyo ubusin oras naming kasi may trabaho mama ko ^_^”

Netizens all over twitter started cheering for the President’s granddaughter for the anonymous netizen just got served his own medicine.

Pegss (@Pegss1) pointed out that,

                “Boss wasak, tumawag ka ng bumbero. Wag na pala abo na to.”

Pey Cortez (@peycortez) reprimanded the anonymous netizen and reiterated what the young Duterte stated,


Lana del Norte (@dezyyyyyrable) humorously replied with a Pinoy meme that read as, 

“Wala na. Finish na.”

Apparently last year, Kitty proved to not just be a sarcastic one, she’s also one you wouldn’t wanna mess with.

On the same website she was asked,

                “yung kilos mo hindi appropriate sa edad mo, you know? sana aware ka”

And she shut down the anonymous netizen asking with,

                “I’m aware, I just don’t care.”

Whoa what a burn!

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Pinoy Thinking | Twitter/VeronicaDuterte

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