Monday, July 2, 2018

Pinoy time of the OVP: Delayed liquidation raises concern from the COA

Vice President Leni Robredo questioned by the Commision on Audit for travel expenses. Image credit to Rappler and combined photos

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) is starting to concern the Commission on Audit (COA) after failing to submit their liquidation of travel expenses last year.

In their report, the COA stated that the OVP and its personnel burned through 26.4-million pesos on local travels while more than 950-thousand pesos on foreign travels. Sadly both numbers were never liquified on time.

"Cash advances (CAs) for local official travels were not liquidated within 30 days upon return to official station, while unused/excess cash advances were refunded even later than the submission of the Liquidation Reports," the report stated.

With that being said, the result due to his failure to liquidate expenses will be the withholding of salary, based on COA Circular No. 97-002.

"Neglect of management to demand the immediate refund of unused/excess cash advances and the submission of liquidation reports within the period prescribed renders inaccuracies in the financial statements," COA stated.

Furthermore, COA is also worried that these delays "may unnecessarily expose government resources to risk of loss or misappropriation."

The OVP on the underhand released a statement through Undersecretary Boyet Dy,

"The OVP has instituted stricter measures to prevent similar delays. Full details of these steps taken by the OVP were communicated to COA in a letter sent in March 2018.”

The Undersecretary reveals that the letter that they received from COA is teaching them how to handle cash advances and informs them the their staff that are yet to be subject to full liquidation would have their salaries withheld.

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Daily Pilipinas Source: CNN Philippines

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