Sunday, July 8, 2018

The best political and basketball tweet to ruin your political career!

President Rodrigo Duterte, Gilas Pilipinas fight with  Gilas Australia and former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño in photo. Image credit combined from Google photos

Basketball and politics are two different things, one is a source of entertainment with ties to our culture while the other possesses a unique effect on the mentality of the Filipinos which makes us think that whatever it produces is culture. With this being said, Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casiño disappointingly broke borders by trying to merge our beloved basketball with his manipulative politics but came out surprised as the feedback was unprecedented.
In Casiño’s tweet he stated,

“Pag war freak at walang modo ang Pangulo, the basketball players can’t be far behind. #PakitangGilas.”

Not only did the representative cross two borders, he also attacked President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and politically but stupidly compared the nation-representing basketball players to him. Blatantly stating that they learned from the President’s unique ways of dealing with the country’s problems.

Twitter netizens went rampant due to what the representative tweeted.

@PananawSaLangaw disappointed at how low Casiño tweeted,

                “luh, ok ka lang sir?? I’m expecting more from your discourse but, it all goes downhill from there. #gilas #talino #intelligence #sports”

Meanwhile @reyjuico pointed out that the link between politicians and basketball players are non-existent.

                “Walang kinalaman ang ugali ng matanda sa inugali ng mga basketbolista. Bakit hindi mo kondenahin ang mga kaibigan mong teroristang walang habas na naninira ng buhay mga ordinaryong pamilya? Tapos ilalagay mo pa na Father of two ka. #Anay”

@SharonStone10 didn’t take it well too, sarcastically replying,

“Here goes the infallible, Mr. Teddy Casino! Lahat na lang sinisisi sa presidente. Why am I not surprised? Utak talangka. I may not agree with some of our President’s actuations pero I don’t blame him sa lahat ng pangyayare.”
@itsmeRaymondJay found the representative’s brain to be rooten to the core.

“Hahhaha pota. Isa pa tong matanda natu puro ka nlang sisi sa pangulo. Lahat nlang kasalanan ng pangulo. Wla kana bang ibang alam?sabagay matanda ka na at pabulok na din pala utak mu.”

Lastly, @manuplops slapped Casiño with sensible logic that the representative seemed to overlook

“really?!? REALLY?!? please please paki hiwalay ang basketball sa politics promise mas magmumuka kayong desperate to oust a sitting president if you mix sports and politics”

There is no other way of framing it, Casiño politically attacked two of the most important things in the life of an ordinary Filipino, their President and their beloved basketball. An unthought sly comment on politics with the intention of bandwagoning on the unexpected outcome of a basketball game in order to derail Duterte, the representative immediately earned the ire of both supporters of the President and of Gilas Pilipinas.

Great job Casiño!

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