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Who’s responsible for Mayor Halili’s death? The police or the Opposition

Tanauan, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili from Tanauan government website. Image credit DZRH News photos

After Tanauan, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili was assassinated just a couple of days ago, speculations of the netizens nation-wide started popping like mushrooms from every corner. The Mayor was indeed on the Narco-politician list but it seems that after careful digging by the netizens themselves, they found out that Halili might have been framed by his city’s own police force.

Halili as apparently idolized by the Barangay Captains of his city, they find him inspiring as he personally spearheads the threat of drugs, a Duterte of Batangas.

But with that came his notorious reputation with Tanauan’s Philippine National Police (PNP). In an interview that the Facebook page Isoytv dug up, the Mayor opened up about all his vulnerabilities that was exposed as the local PNP basically gave up on him. Threats to his life and police harrassment towards his men was the bread and butter that he was fed with everyday, it even came to a point where the PNP thought of making a fake intelligence report about the Mayor’s involvement in drugs just to even the score.

Opposition possibly “killing” the local government

The narco police may be the reason behind Halili’s death or not, we still can’t forget the hatred that the mayor gained after leaving the Philippine Opposition, Liberal Pary (LP). 

He did this so he can support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s presidency and his campaigns against illegal drugs which Halili clearly reflected during his term as Mayor.

This may be the reason why the PNP turned on him since this is where it all started, when he left the LP then came police knocking down all his doors, opening him to vulnerabilities.

The unexpected electoral feud

If this isn’t enough to bridge the link, Mayor Halili also went up against the retired police general on the elections for Tanauan Mayor. As we all know who won, the results may have incited more heat against him. Even the 2016 elections and the appointment of a new police chief did nothing to retain his dearly needed protection and local police support. He was basically still under the same ropes that damned him despite having a different police chief seated. This just brings speculation that this hate may have been payed, how can two generations of police chiefs hate you for doing the right thing?


Sadly due to this, Mayor Halili barely had legitimate security, with exclusion to his security guards, the framed narco-politician was bare open. Life threats came to him like his morning coffee and his relations with the police hepe never changed. It seems that everyone just wanted him dead and sadly their dreams came thru.

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Daily Pilipinas Source:  Facebook Page/Isoytv

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