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Atty. Glenn Chong fearlessly warns a senator who shared him information in the 2016 election fraud

Atty. Glenn Chong. Image credit to UNTV
There is a senator who can clarify the anomalies that was occurred during the 2016 national elections, claimed by the election fraud accuser, Atty. Glenn Chong.  According to him the senator who guarantees as his friend is likewise persuaded of the pieces of proof he presented in 2016 was surely fixed.

August 13 in the program “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon”, during his conversation with Daniel Razon, Atty. Chong said that even the senators themselves during an executive session, recognized that the decision was deceitful.

What a merges at an executive session ought to stay confidential. At the point when he identified some information, Atty. Chong said that his senator-friend told him. The senator took a risk by sharing the information with him and that was also being acknowledged by him.

“And I’m taking the risk by exposing it to the public,” Chong said.

“Kung ilaglag niya ako so be it,” he added because there is a possibility that his senator-friend would deny it.

He clarified that he was obliged to examine the arrangement of the automated eclections after being a victim of fixed elections himself in the 2010 and 2013 polls.

He initiated the race guard dog Tanggulang Demokrasya which fundamentally expects to examine the systems and procedures that was executed in past elections.  The distinction amongst manual and automated elections was also clarified by him.

“In manual elections, manual din ang dayaan. They are always susceptible to perception. Nakikita,” said Chong.

With automated elections “Wala ka talagang laban (You remain to lose) in light of the fact that all the duping will occur inside the machine,” Chong said.

Invited to the Senate hearing as a asset several times during the course of the election fraud inquiry, former congressman from Biliran had been denied many times as well of the chance to talk about the issue, particularly with respect to the charged early transmission of votes prior to the day of the automated elections in 2016.

“In 145 PCOS machines meron na po siyang laman na 4,114 na ballots before election day,” Chong said, “I can point that out.  Sa audit log po (ng PCOS) makikita, sir. The log is the detailed list of all the transactions happened within the machine,” he explained.

In light of the data they got, Chong asserted there was an enormous contrast between the quantity of votes from the transparency server and the quantity of votes from the central server of the Commission on Elections (Comelec). There was a scheme amongst Comelec and the service provider Smartmatic, he added. Moreover, He noticed the reaction of Sixto Brillantes the former Comelec seat about it.

According to Chong, “Ang lusot niya sinabutahe sila (he said they were sabotaged).“ Hindi yung Comelec, hindi yung Smartmatic ang gumawa niyan (They said it wasn’t Comelec, it wasn’t Smartmatic)— somebody else sabotaged the elections.”

“Ang pinagbibintangan niya ako daw yung nagsabotahe ng eleksyon nila ( He’s accusing me of sabotaging their election),” he added.

Holding of grudges against Senator Koko Pimentel for not giving him enough time to clarify during the Senate request, the former congressman guaranteed.

He request the Senate to lead another inquiry where he can question the senators to examine Atty. Jose Tolentino, the poll body’s executive director.

At the point when Razon questioned as to whether Atty. Tolentino is a suspect, the election watchdog answered that, "Not in the sense na (that he is a ) suspect yet tatanungin ko talaga siya (I will truly cross examine him). I will put him on the spot, he cautioned.”

Chong requested his senator-friend to move into the public and speak to shed light on the issue, or he may name him out in the public however he can do that only during hearing proper.

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