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Dra. Badoy tells why Atty. Glenn Chong's hearing was not aired at PTV4: “For the next 4 years, we will run this race with our President”

PCOO Usec. Lorraine T. Badoy tells why PTV 4 did not cover the hearing of Atty.Glenn Chong. Image credit to and Facebook
There are gossips that it was Badoy who prevented PTV 4 from covering the Senate hearing on decision extortion. Also, the reason given are, The hearing is about the Election fraud,  Leni will get caught cheating , Badoy hates Bongbong Marcos, She does not want Leni to get caught and because of these, Badoy told PTV 4 that they cannot go any further because they are not allowed to cover the Senate hearing, she loves Leni.

Badoy said that she has been waiting for this time that Leni would get caught cheating on the elections. Badoy also said that the lies are really difficult to accept.

These bits of gossip were begun by the typical PCOO rejects — the individuals who endeavored to land a position with PCOO and other government organizations but there are really none, reject after reject. However it were discovered awfully needing, and from that point forward have made it their life's main goal to improve it appear they know than us how to take care of the job and how appallingly awkward we are at our own.

How the President keeps on confiding in Secretary Martin Andanar and we whom he has requested to participate in his official family while in the meantime keeping these woeful know-it-alls at a careful distance was neglected to specify one vital thing.

Despite the fact that they influence it to appear as though they're affable with the President. Or then again that he regards their direction. At the point when in actuality, he has seen them twice or thrice at most. What's more, words he has said to them when he was simply being well mannered to them they presently call as advice. The clever thing about these bashers is the way they affront others as people as well as lack of regard to the public who read the waste they compose.

They won't do the base research required so they realize that PTV 4 has a General Manager who is accountable for it. Or on the other hand that the PCOO does not have an immediate acquiesce the running of all its appended offices like PTV4, PBS, PIA, PNA, NIB and so forth so they are autonomous of the people in their hierarchical, authoritative and money related arrangements. PCOO just performs oversight capacities. This is the reason each appended office of the PCOO is going by a General Manager/Executive Director. PTV 4 specifically, is going by a Network General Manager, Dino Apolonio, who is in charge of the best possible organization and administration of the Network.

The lucidity of the outline in this relationship is characterized in Sec 14 of RA 7306. She have not meddled nor even conversed with GM Dino Apolonio about issues that are of no worry of Badoy. In truth, she have quite recently been to PTV once in every one of these months she have been with PCOO and it was only for cosmetics for a meeting.

There is a straightforward purpose behind why the Senate hearing on race extortion wasn't secured by PTV 4 and it is this: Senate hearings, as is normally done, are not secured by PTV 4 or even prevailing press. On the 31st of July, the Senate beat reporters were revealed to Senator Tito Sotto was only going to convey a benefit discourse and so a lot of them were found off guard.

The cost and assets expected to cover these hearing, nonstop isn't something even the rich networks can pay for, what more PTV4? Put basically, there is no cash to cover Senate hearings frequently. PTV4 hears you, in any case, and they share people’s agony. Nobody is most likely more tormented than PTV4 at missing the issue on everyone's mind. PTV4 will make it up to you in any case and will be there Monday to cover the Senate hearing.

According to Badoy on her post, “in closing, let me just say this: yes we are your public servants and yes there are resources available to us that are never enough.”

“But for the next 4 years, we will run this race with our President. Nothing and no one can stop us—more so these unprincipled, arrogant nincompoops who’ve done nothing of worth for country and yak endlessly. His trust in us is precious. For as long as he continues to give it to us, he has us 100%.” She added.

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Daily Pilipinas Source: Facebook/Lorraine Badoy

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