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Dr. Farrah may mensahe kay Rep. Alejano: "Many don’t agree with his politics, but who else is fighting for all of us right now?"

Dr. Farrah Agustin Bunch to Madalo party-list representative Gary Alejano and now running for a senate post: "Thank you."
Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch is a Filipino doctor well known for her medical center in Tarlac that gives natural medicine. 

Recently, she sent an open letter to President Duterte that went viral online seeking help on FDA's oppression to her, her family and her medical center.

Her natural medicine helps thousands of cancer patience in particular, and has proven to be safe and effective. 

However, FDA, doctors and anonymous groups reject this kind of practice in the field of medicine which Dr. Farrah is promoting.

Through a Facebook post Dr. Farrah showed appreciation to Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano and now running for a senate post in the mid-term election with all the oppression of FDA to her. 

According to her, she already sent a letter to  President Duterte, Senate candidate Bong Go and even the Tulfo brothers but no response yet received for her petition to legalize her medicine. 

In the video she uploaded attached in her post is Alejano's interview with Dean Mel Sta. Maria which she gave appreciation in helping her plead to FDA Director General Charade Puno. 

Alejano said in the interview when asked about Dr. Farrah, he said that he is doing his best to help them. He mentioned two reasons, why Dr. Farrah's appeal is not being approved. First,  is because of the interest of big pharmaceutical companies and the interest of doctors losing patients because of Dr. Farrah's alternative medicine. Where most of Dr. Farrah's patients cannot afford to pay in private doctors and hospitals. 

That is why, through Dr. Farrah's post her intention is not to endorse Rep. Gary Alejano but to appreciate him helping her against her plead to legalize alternative medicine. 

Below is Dr. Farrah's post as uploaded in her Facebook page. 

Read full post below:

"I applaud and greatly appreciate the courage of Representative Gary Alejano to address the issues of oppression by Nela Charade Puno and the FDA during his interview with Atty. Mel Sta. Maria, Dean of the FEU Institute of Law. His calls for investigation of the FDA by Congress are a Godsend. Many don’t agree with his politics, but who else is fighting for all of us right now? We have written and pleaded with President Duterte, Senate candidate Bong Go and even the Tulfo brothers. We have visited the Philippines Senate on multiple occasions pleading and even the House of Representatives begging for help. We're now in discussions with diplomats at the United Nations due to the nature of these being violations of human rights. We're leaving no stone unturned in this fight for the rights of patients to have healthcare choices. The big campaign promise of most candidates right now is to fight corruption. WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS???????
We're pursuing lawsuits against FDA, DOH, Secretary Duque and Nela Charade Puno, but legal cases here in the Philippines usually take years unless you’re the government trying to single someone out and then the wheels of justice are apparently very swift.
The silence thus far from virtually every other leader besides Cong. Alejano on these issues is deafening. If I had a peso for every Filipino politician who said they would "look into this", I could feed another school of hungry kids. I just don’t understand how our leaders can look away while our citizens are suffering, fighting for their lives and many perishing.
The criminal case that was filed against FDA Director Nela Charade Puno is proceeding, but justice in the Philippines is notoriously slow. She responded to being slapped with a criminal case by having one file against me. The media reported the one Puno had filed against me but forgot to mention the legitimate one against her. I don't seem to recall Puno filing a criminal case against Dr. Vicki Belo? Does anyone else?
The mainstream media blackout on these issues is no real surprise. Not a single major news source has picked up the story of the apparent illegal appointment of Puno, the significant lack of her qualifications, the criminal case against her, or the various other FDA anomalies. It’s almost as if they just run the one-sided stories Nela Charade Puno wants them to run…
Make your voice heard over this injustice!
FDA trunkline (02) 857-1900
Presidential complaint line 8888
SAP's office:

Contact the Congressional Committee on Appropriations at
Contact the Congressional Committee on Health at
Contact your Senators at 

Mrs. Nela Charade G. Puno, RPh
Director General 
(632) 857-1999 or

As of writing, the said post of Dr. Farrah was shared and viewed by thousand of netizens. And what most netizens as well as Dr. Farrah's plead to the government most especially with the Duterte administration is to recognize her discovery of natural medicine to the Filipino. 

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