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Netizen slammed ABS-CBN for wrong photo of PNP SWAT and Navy Seals in the shore of Boracay

ABS-CBN caption misleading to the photo of authorities in Boracay, a day before official re-opening. Image credit to Facebook 
A day before the official re-opening of Boracay, one of the biggest network in the Philippines posted a photo stating the Philippine National Police S.W.A.T team and Philippine Navy SEALS in Boracay to demonstrate rescue hostages from terrorists.

Image credit to Facebook/VOVph
ABS-CBN posted the photo with the caption on top stating, "PNP SWAT on shore and Navy SEALS in the water rescue hostages held by terrorists. With the Twitter hashtag 'Boracay Reopening'.

That is why upon seeing such caption from ABS-CBN, netizens can't help not to react on the misleading post from the network.

According to Albert Egot Jr., ABS-CBN was worst than the Duterte and Facebook pages that Facebook has deleted. Why post such photo with the very wrong caption.

Facebook page, VOVph also posted the photo from ABS-CBN capturing the misleading caption and said, "Ganito ka kupal ang ABS-CBN.. Alam nilang simulation exercise..Sinadyang hindi sabihin. Post now. Delete Later."

The next day, VOVph atleast have corrected the wrong caption from ABS-CBN's photo of authorities in Boracay to avoid tension and panic from local most especially foreign tourists, showing that the photo is for "Capability Demonstration Exercises for a Safe and Secured Boracay"  which was witnessed by PNP Chief Police Director General Oscar Albayalde.

Netizens were angered and called ABS-CBN peddler of 'fake news' and here some of their comments below:

Von Bors said: "This should have violated something on the law... Pwede pala tong mga ganito? They could boycott the network for faking news."

Gilbert Paule Vicente said: "Walang iniwan yan sa world wide walk naming mga INC kamakailan, ang kinuhanan ng footage yung mga katambak na basura, eh gagong cameraman, dun sa likod nya, kasalukuyang nagwawalis at naglilinis na, o eh di nung tv patrol na, balita ni sembrano, tambak daw na basura!
Ganyan sila magbalita, kaya ganyan sila kagunggong!!!"

Penny Henson said: "I feel bad for the efforts of those who worked hard in restoring Boracay if media blatantly sabotages it by reporting false information. Grabe naman kayo ABS-CBN News Ayaw nyo ba na umangat tayo?"

Carlo Rodriguez said: "ABS-CBN News, magsama kayo ni Pinoy Ako Blog na wala nang ginawa kundi dumakdak habang wala namang naitutulong sa bansa. "Stop! Collaborate and listen!" kasi kayo. "Di ka pa ba pagod?" Ha ha ha."

Ry Mnd said: "Now alam na kung bkit pinsara ni marcos that time yang istasyon na yan. dahil puro kasinungalinagn ang pinagsasabi. ngaun nalalamn na kung bakit naging mahigpit ang panahon ni marcos. dahil sa inyo mga tampalasan!"

Image screenshot credit to GMA News Online
This is not the first time, the multi-awarded broadcasting network has allegedly reported 'fake news', even President Rodrigo Duterte angered the network for spreading false information about his health. 

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