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British netizen may mensahe para kay Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray tungkol sa maaaring paggamit diumano sa kanya ng oposisyon sa issue ng 'criminal liability

Malcolm Conlan, may mensahe kay Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, na baka gamitin ng oposisyon laban sa pamahalaan. Imahe mula sa at Facebook

Kilalang British Duterte supporter at blogger na si Malcolm Conlan ay nagsulat ng 'open letter' sa kanyang Facebook post para kay Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, na kasalukuyang nasa Pilipinas at gumagawa ng mga charity works para sa mga kabataan. 

Ayon sa post ni Conlan, nababahala siya sa naging pahayag ni Catriona Gray tungkol sa 'criminal liability' na kailangan pag-isipan mabuti ng pamahalaan ang pagbaba ng edad para mapatawan ng parusa ang mga bata. 

Si Catriona Gray ay hindi makakailala na mahilig sa mga bata, na kung saan madalas siyang makisalamuha sa mga kabataan ng Tondo. 

Kaya naman, nakikiusap si Conlan na maging mapanuri at baka gamitin lang siya ng oposisyon sa naging komento niya na ito. 

Basahin dito ang buong 'open letter' ni Conlan:


Dear Catriona,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this, firstly I wanted to congratulate you on being crowned Miss Universe 2018. A massive achievement. You made the whole country proud and I know many Filipinos who work and reside abroad as well as countless foreigners like myself who love the Philippines.

Your win is an incredible boost to tourism and I am sure will keep the Philippines on the world stage.

I hope you don’t mind, but as I respect you greatly and believe you are a true global ambassador for the Philippines as well as women throughout the globe, I just wanted to let you know that sadly, GMA7 news and know other news networks in the Philippines, seem to be using you in their hidden political agenda to somehow bash President Duterte and the administration.

In particular, a news story today where you visited an orphanage, which of course you must do and is part of your role, happened to accommodate children who had lost their parents as a result of the entirely necessary police and DEA operations to eradicate the Philippines of dangerous drugs.

Sadly, as I am sure you can appreciate, in any war there are casualties and this is deeply saddening, however I am a little concerned you are being used by the opposition in some kind of stance against the crucially important War On Drugs.

Then there is the matter of your concerns over lowering the age of criminal responsibility in the Philippines. I hate to inform you, but sadly drug syndicates and even parents addicted to Shabu had been using children in their criminality and drug operations. I am very sure a child of at least 12 would know the difference between right and wrong?

I can’t understand why currently the age of criminal responsibility in the Philippines is set so high, when in other countries including Australia it’s much lower, from 10 onwards.

Just to let you know, this doesn’t mean that 10 year olds get thrown in jail as some bias publications in the Philippines have made out, even President Duterte himself, who I know you have met personally and seemed to admire, has said that children would only get to speak to a social worker and get looked after.

I am just a little worried that you are going down a slippery slope of being used by the opposition for their political agenda which is not so good as I am sure you can appreciate the entire Philippines routed for you and supported you and not just LP or Yellow supporters

Thanks so much Ma’am, hope to meet you one day.

Best wishes

Malcolm Conlan
London, UK"

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