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Dra. Falcis may mensahe kay Kris Aquino: "You started with lies, we will end it with truths."

Ina ni Nicko Falcis, nagsalita na laban kay Kris Aquino sa mga ginawa sa kanyang anak. Imahe mula sa ABS-CBN at Philippine Star
Dra. Carol Falcis, ina ni Nicko Falcis ang dating manager ni Kris Aquino ay nagsalita na matapos ang apat na buwan na pananahimik.

Sa Facebook post ng kanyang anak na si Nicko Falcis, ay ibinahagi ni Dra. Carol ang kanyang saloobin laban kay Kris Aquino na nakaalitan ng kanyang anak na si Nicko, matapos na diumano pagnakawan si Kris Aquino at makatanggap ng 'death threats' mula kay Kris.

Sinabi ni Dra. Falcis na matagal siyang nanahimik at sa pananahimik niya na yun, ninais niya ipabatid kay Kris Aquino ang mga salitong ito.

"I pray the spirit of humility, forgiveness, and reconciliation will reign in our hearts and may the Truth be revealed in God’s perfect time."

Dahil sa senior na si Dra. Falcis mas gugustuhin niya na makasama ng maayos ang kanyang mga anak, na alam niyang ganun din naman si Kris Aquino sa kanyang mga anak na si Josh at Bimby.

Nagbahagi pa ng inspirational quote si Dra. Falcis na, “Sometimes GOD will put a GOLIATH in your life, for you to find the DAVID within you!”

Ayon pa kay Dra. Falcis, na ang mga "minions" ni Kris Aquino ang nagsimula, at dati pa raw na fan ni Kris Aquino ang ina ni Nicko.

Ramdam na ramdam ang lungkot ng isang ina na natatakot at nangangamba para sa kaligtasan ng kanyang anak.

Basahin ang kanyang buong post dito:

"From Dra. Carol Falcis

For the past 4 months, I have kept my silence because I trusted my kids to be capable enough of defending themselves. I was worried and saddened last year when people believed the lies fostered by Kris Aquino on my dear son, Nicko. But the changing sentiments of the majority, including even her once loyal fans, and the messages of love and support of Filipinos in the last few weeks made me cry with tears of joy!

First, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all people, especially the netizens, who reached out and gave their unwavering support. I want to assure you that your belief in my son is not misplaced - he is truly INNOCENT of the false charges thrown against him! With your support, he has been vindicated!

Second, my family is not engaging in a trial by publicity. May I remind you Kris Aquino that it was you who started it all and engaged in trial by publicity for four months, from September to December 2018. If my family is going public, it is only because we have to respond and defend ourselves from your constant lies and especially your death threats.

How can your lawyers forget the fact that you tried to destroy Nicko’s reputation publicly by posting in your IG, FB, Twitter, and Youtube last Sept. 22, 2018 regarding an alleged "betrayal of trust" by your financial adviser! You implied someone stole your “life savings” for your sons. Behind the scenes, you tried to bully my family into signing one-sided contracts, using as leverage the fact that you can destroy Nicko's reputation even without naming him and more so if you name him!

Then you used your PAID MINIONS to slowly identify my son - like the 72 y/o Lolit Solis during her radio interview with Arnold Clavio and subsequently in her libelous IG post on Oct. 1! In November, you made a BIG FUSS by calling the media to cover you when you filed cases and explicitly named Nicko.

Isn’t that trial by publicity? How UNFAIR for you to attack my son unrelentingly on social and mainstream media while we kept silent initially because your lawyer Atty. Fortun commanded us to keep quiet and of course, you threatened to have my son KILLED!

And now you and your lawyers have the gall to say for us to stop posting on social media?

I know you have been wanting to meet me but thank God we never did. I WAS one of your fans because I liked your “kaartehan” and I thought you were honest. But now I know you're not! I am NOT and NEVER will be a “DEEPLY SHAMED MOTHER” as you shamelessly claimed in one of your IG posts and "Kris Life Updates" with Ana Pingol! That is completely untrue! I never wrote and i never said to you that I was deeply embarrassed.

Remember the Ten Commandments, “THOU SHALT NOT LIE.” You started with lies, we will end it with truths.

Third, I wish Kris Aquino gets better and pray for her health as she claims she is sick. But remember, NO SICKNESS CAN ever JUSTIFY concocting lies, bullying, and making death threats! I am glad she later admitted in one of her press cons that it was wrong for her to blame my son for her sickness.

As a mother, I hope she recovers from her autoimmune disease so that she can enjoy life with her sons just as I want to live the rest of my senior life with my kids in peace. I pray she comes to her senses. I have been experiencing anxiety, palpitations, and paranoia about the safety of Nicko ever since her death threats. I am not getting any younger!

I take inspiration from this quote I found online: “Sometimes GOD will put a GOLIATH in your life, for you to find the DAVID within you!”

I pray the spirit of humility, forgiveness, and reconciliation will reign in our hearts and may the Truth be revealed in God’s perfect time."

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