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PCOO Usec. Lorraine Badoy, sinagot ang bintang ni Jover Laurio sa kanilang pagpunta sa Europe

Pinoy Ako Blog author Jover Laurio, kinuwestyon ang pagpunta ng PCOO sa Europa. Imahe mula sa PAB
Kasalukuyang nasa Brussels sina Presidential Communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, Joel Egco at Assistant Secretary Kris Ablan para kausapin ang mga journalist sa Europe, ukol sa mga nagaganap dito sa Pilipinas. 

Sa isang artikulo na ginawa ni Jover Laurio, kilalang blogger ng mga 'Dilawan' ay tinuligsa niya ang byaheng Europa ng PCOO. Ayon kay Laurio, maaring magpadala na lamang ng 'email blast' sa mga banyagang bansa na ito, kaysa pumunta pa doon ang tatlo na taga PCOO. 

Tinawag pa ni Laurio ang byahe nila Badoy na 'junket' na kung saan pondo ng gobyerno ang ginamit para sa pagpunta nila sa Bosnia, Brussels at Switzerland. 

Agad naman itong sinagot ni Badoy, sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Facebook post at sinabing makabuluhan ang kanilang pagpunta doon at gulat na gulat ang mga nakausap nila doon lalo na ang UN WGEID (Working Group for Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances) dahil nakarating sa kanila na maraming mga nawala na NPA sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. 

PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine T. Badoy. Imahe mula sa Facebook

Ayon pa kay Badoy, kung hindi nila hinarap ang problema sa pamamagitan ng pagpunta sa mga bansang nabanggit, hindi maliliwagan ang mga taga UN WGEID. 

Nagsilbi silang tulay para sa magandang relasyon ng Bosnia, Brussels at Switzerland lalo na sa paghahatid ng katotohanan sa buong mundo. 

Basahin ang buong Facebook post ni Badoy dito:

"I hear Jover Laurio thinks the Philippine government’s mission to Europe is a junket— you know, that horrid word you use on corrupt government officials who go on a holiday using taxpayer’s money.

I take accusations like that seriously so I have chosen to respond to Ms Laurio.

I am happy to report to Ms Laurio that money spent on this travel was not used for a holiday and that every euro we spent here has been put to good use and for the service of the Filipino—and our hope, for generations of Filipinos still to come.

This was a historic trip for a lot of reasons but if I were to sum it up in a few words, it would be this: we finally got to tell the EU the truth about our country and where walls existed between us, now little bridges do —that we hope will become stronger bridges.

Where before, lies were told about us, now they heard the truth straight from the mouths of your government—and face to face where questions were asked and answered straight away.

Where before we ran away from accusations against us, now we faced them.

Where administrations before us—including that of the useless president Jover Laurio adores— did NOTHING to address and so lies against us festered into a fulminant rot—and where the poorest among us paid the highest price for this indifference.

Jan siguro nakuha ni Jover yung idea na ok na ang remote control via internet ang pagpapalakad ng gobyerno. (That’s the dilaw mediocre mentality that screwed us up as a nation.)

Where these lies, most worrisome of all, where used against us —to fund terrorism and to obstruct our progress and to steal from the poorest of the poor among us.

So we did it the Duterte way: not run away from it and fix what needed to be fixed and to make right what was wrong for a very long time.

We hit the ground running with our engagement with the Belgian government—specifically those in charge of their anti-terrorism and too, the funding of Belgium’s global humanitarian work.

And we told them what we know is true: that they had been deceived and were funding NGOS in our country that are fronts of the communist terrorist group, the CPP NPA.

The effect was stunning, to say the least. They were shocked by the deception.

And so we have decided for both our governments to work closely together to redress this grievous situation.

Then we had a constructive dialogue with the UN WGEID (Working Group for Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances) to shed light on the 625 disappearances the Duterte administration is being asked to answer for.

Disappearances that, by the way, all happened BEFORE President Rodrigo Roa Duterte sat in office.

Also, there’s been ZERO disappearances under President Duterte’s watch. FYI.

A sizeable portion of this 625, we suspect, come from mass purgings of the CPP NPA where hundreds of NPAs were killed by their own under suspicion that they were deep penetration agents of the AFP.

So sila ang pumatay pero tayo ang pinagbibintangan nila. Sarap talaga sipain ng pustiso ni Joma.

This government aims to get to the bottom of those disappearances because we want the waiting to end and for loved ones to come home.

And our delegation has established ties with the UN WGEID —hopefully to finally achieve justice.

So once again, where walls stood between the UN WGEID and the Philippine government, now there is a bridge.

Then we got to sit with members of the EU parliament —and are set to meet more.

And we got to face members of the Brussels Press Club to answer their questions and hopefully, for them to see, there is no duplicity but just the sincere desire of this government to fix our country and for them to do their part—which is to end funding of these communist terrorist fronts that have hurt us for so long.

All across the board, there’s been one reaction from those we’ve spoken to: shock.

They had no idea they were deceived and all the good things they had hoped to do for us not only didn’t happen but quite the opposite happened, in fact.

Make that 2 reactions: appreciation for having been enlightened. And from us, the appreciation that they found the time to listen to us.

Make that 3 reactions: gratitude on both sides that a dialogue had started.

And this may be a long dialogue—where there will be checking and double-checking of evidences but communication lines have opened and we can move forward now.

Our job is not done yet.

While here, we plan on opening as many communication lines we can.

And to close ranks not just with the Filipino communities here but with the bigger global community we are part of.

(Our kababayans here in Europe deserve a separate piece —and a standing ovation, by the way. So I will get there soon.)

Working in government, I have learned something that crushes me absolutely: the ones who are stolen from —with impunity and over and over and over—are the poorest of the poor.

You’d think people would have the heart to spare them but noooo.

This the sector that is the favorite milking cow of the evil soulless shits in our midst.

When (not if) we succeed in drying up the well of Joma Sison’s elaborate thievery against the poorest of the poor Filipino, then it might be accurate to say that our little group here has done its job.

And with the bridges we are building between Europe and our country, I can see so much good coming out of it for future generations of Filipinos and Europeans.

That is the hope of our delegation.

I hope Ms Jover Laurio has been clarified."

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