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Pangulong Duterte, ni-reject ang "palo bill" ni Sen. Hontiveros, kahit sa bibliya pinapayagan ang 'corporal discipline' ayon sa isang netizen

Pangulong Duterte, hindi sinang-ayunan ang bill na pinagbabawalan ang mga magulang mamalo sa anak. Imahe mula sa Facebook

Tinangihan ni Pangulong Rodrigo ang bill na kung saan inakda ni Senador Risa Hontiveros noong isang taon, na kung saan kailangan managot ang mga magulang kapag sinaktan  o pinalo ang kanilang mga anak. 

Ayon sa Pangulo, hindi kailangan na ng "palo bill" dahil nasa magulang yan kung paano palalakihin ng may disciplina ang kanilang mga anak. 

Masyado na daw tayo naiimpluwensiyahan ng mga 'western countries' kaya pati ang paraan ng pagpapakita ng mga magulang ng pagmamahal sa mga anak ay kailangan pang gawin batas. 

“On the contrary, I am of the firm conviction that responsible parents can and have administered corporal punishment in a self-restrained manner, such that the children remember it not as an act of hate or abuse, but a loving act of discipline that desires only to uphold their welfare,”

“Such manner of undertaking corporal punishment has given rise to beneficial results for society, with countless children having been raised up to become law-abiding citizens with a healthy respect for authority structures in the wider community,” sinabi ng pangulo sa kanyang mensahe sa pagtanggi sa "bill prohibiting corporal punishment on children."

Ayon sa isang netizen, sang-ayon siya sa naging desisyon ni Pangulong Duterte dahil kahit sa bibliya ay pinahihintulutan ang mga magulang na mag-disciplina sa mga anak. 

Mayroon lang talagang mga magulang na, labis manakit sa kanilang mga anak at yun talaga ang dapat na maparusahan. 

Sabi pa ng netizen na, ang pamamalo sa isang bata na kung saan paraan ng mga magulang para magdisciplina ay may maganda naman bunga pagdating ng panahon, kaysa yung mga bata na walang galang sa magulang dahil sa hindi ito nakatikim ng palo sa kanilang magulang, mas hindi maganda ang kinalabasan paglaki. 

Basahin dito ang buong opinyon ni Adolf Mortera sa "palo bill":


I agree with the President on this.

It is the parents' domain/ prerogative to discipline their child. Unless taken to the extreme, those who discipline their child through spanking (or palo in Tagalog) care enough by correcting them.

The liberalist cry for human rights has nurtured self-entitled, spoiled brats with hatred for the law and civilian authorities, who abhor being corrected, who grow up with addiction to either drugs or gadgets, irresponsible, who shoot up schools and neigborhoods like in the US, or, as in the Philippines, who believe freedom of expression is absolute and cry "Death of Democracy" when called out. The support they get from self-styled "human rights" advocates in the Senate and the yellow cult aggravates this.

I have no data on this, but comparing the children today to decades ago when discipline on children through palo ng sinturon, pingot sa tenga, luhod sa monggo etc. brought up respectful and obedient kids, I have observed many kids now have become little, disrespectful monsters who make faces at their parents when corrected or stand poker-faced or play dedma when given simple errands.

Is the decline in child discipline and the rise of disrespectful, nasty little shits related? I think so.

Even the Bible allows corporal discipline: 
"Withold not correction from the child; for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shall beat him with the rod, and shall deliver his soul from hell." 
- Proverbs 23: 13-14."

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